over 90% of investors lose money because of poor research and risk management

Analyse, compare, and pick stocks like an experienced research analyst-risk manager. 50,000 companies, 24/7, in seconds.We and our AI empower you to earn more and risk less.


Effortless investment research for everyoneResearch at a glance: risks in red; returns in green. Easily find stocks with more return than risk.
A single number to summarise everythingYou can spend hours calculating 470+ crucial investing metrics. Or you can spend one second looking at the PRAAMS Ratio.
Deep and complete analysisThe all-round picture with all risk and return factors
Straight to the point, we value your timeNo financial expertise necessary. We've done everything for you. Just enjoy the result.
Custom investing ideas in seconds First-mover advantage: find great ideas and earn the most profits. Select gems for your investing style and risk tolerance in a few clicks.
Independent. No conflict of interest.We are not affiliated with any investment firm and do not sell any investment products.
Private and confidentialNo IT system can guarantee 100% safety. For this reason, we collect only your email for login and communication purposes. All data is encoded.


We are research, risk management, and IT professionals with two decades of experience at brokers, asset managers, investment banks, and stock exchanges in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We have been responsible for $1.5 trillion of assets under risk and the investment well-being of over 20 million individual clients.


Implement AI to save on research, risk management and IT costs, expand research coverage overnight, empower your investment consultants, and offer private banking care to every client. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Client 024525

Cheat sheet for investing

InvestWatch gives you a cheat sheet for your investing. The deep analysis stuff might seem big-league, but it’s all broken down and is fantastically simple. It’s like they’ve packed a whole finance course into something the size of a phone notification. I’m checking and picking stocks like I’ve been doing this for years.

Client 926520

Way better than investing forums

I got swept up in the forum frenzy, believing popular stocks were my golden ticket. A crowd couldn’t be wrong, I thought. Then, my ‘sure bet’ nearly halved overnight. InvestWatch gave me what I was missing: a real understanding of stock risks. It showed me the surprising pitfalls that the ‘hot stock’ had. Now, I can avoid these losses and stand out from the ‘informed crowd’.

Client 651158

I have no finance background but I invest like a pro!

I always loved investing and earning independently. But without a financial background, I often found myself lost in a sea of news, views, and complicated terms. It was like reading a foreign language. Their simple visual breakdown of return factors is just brilliant. A simple, clear picture.

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