Cookie policy

Cookie policy
What is a cookie?A cookie is a small text file placed on your device when browsing a website or viewing an advertisement. The cookies aim to optimise your browsing experience (e.g., remember your username and language selection for a certain period), collect information about your browsing and offer services tailored to your device and selected preferences. Your web browser administers the cookies.Are cookies placed on my device when I browse of the website results in the placement by and, on certain occasions, by third parties, of cookies on your device for the purposes and in the way described below.Cookies by These cookies are related to our website operation to ensure the best browsing experience. Only PRAAMS can view these. There are three types:
  • Authentication cookies. These cookies are required for website navigation to secure connection and allow the use of the main website features, including direct and easy access to your client area.
  • Statistics cookies. These cookies provide information on your website visits and the number of pages browsed.
  • Technical cookies. These cookies are required by specific IT systems and usually are deleted right after your browsing session.
Cookies by third parties. Third parties post these cookies. Consequently, their use is governed by the third parties’ cookie or privacy policies, and only these third parties can access and process the contained data. We inform you that PRAAMS has no control over their policies and data collection. There are three types:
  • Sharing cookies of social networks. These cookies are placed when social media sharing buttons are activated in case you were connected to a social network when visiting our website. Our website allows sharing content on several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Audience measurement cookies. Google Analytics places these cookies. They allow us to obtain anonymised information on website usage and performance and gather browsing statistics, including but not limited to traffic, visitor number, use of website elements, and content consumption and its patterns, to improve the browsing experience for all users.
  • Third-party contractor cookies. PRAAMS employs third-party contractors and links to their websites. Our contractors may place and collect cookies, and their cookies and privacy policies govern this. The list of our contractors may change from time to time without prior notice. PRAAMS takes reasonable steps to ensure our contractors' high data protection standards, but we cannot control them.
How to disable cookies?You can disable cookies, though this may result in a suboptimal browsing experience and on and in general. Below are several links for the most popular browsers.Chrome™ :™ :™ : other browsers, we recommend referring to the Help menus of the browser.