We are research, risk management, and IT professionals with two decades of experience at brokers, asset managers, investment banks, and stock exchanges in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We have been responsible for $1.5 trillion of assets under risk and the investment well-being of over 20 million individual clients. We have analysed over 1,000 individual client cases in detail and accumulated significant knowledge and deep expertise.

Rinat Kirdan

Rinat Kirdan, CFA

Co-founder, CEO

Kseniia Liagushkina

Kseniia Liagushkina

Co-founder, COO



Take advantage of Nobel prize-winning ideas of behavioural finance to establish your genuine risk tolerance and gain practical steps to correct cognitive and emotional investing mistakes


Research every aspect of risk and return for a single asset or a portfolio and get customised investing ideas in the simplest and fastest way possible


Chat in real-time with your personal research analyst and risk manager who knows everything about 50,000+ stocks worldwide and updates his knowledge daily

Portfolio builder (coming soon)

Hire a professional asset manager to construct custom portfolios and automatically monitor and adjust them 24/7. Choose from 14+ parameters and from 50,000+ stocks to achieve the best risk-return.