Standard risk profiling is not concerned about your unique personality and behavioural characteristics. BehaviouRisk is.A unique service based on Nobel prize-winning ideas of behavioural finance backed with thousands of academic and practical studies
We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to obtain a personalised report and give yourself a distinct investing advantage86% of our clients said the psychological profile was accurate; 92% found the advice ‘very useful’While PRAAMS is undergoing alpha testing, we are offering BehaviouRisk at no cost

BehaviouRisk: know your true investment profile

To increase long-term portfolio returns

Make informed investment decisions

Without knowing your true investment profile, you are investing blindfolded and will not comfortably reach your financial goals

Invest in financial products that suit you

Unsuitable products entail either too much risk, which exceeds what you can tolerate, or too little risk, which compromises your returns, as risk and return are connected

Avoid mis-selling and conflict of interest at financial firms

Standard risk profiling questionnaires are misleading, oversimplistic, and incomplete because they ignore the client’s unique behavioural and personality characteristics

BehaviouRisk accurately identifies your psychological investing personality and correctly determines your true investment profile


Know and overcome cognitive and emotional biases

BehaviouRisk focuses on the 19 most common and significant biases

These have the most considerable effect on individual investors. BehaviouRisk helps to overcome all of them

Believing you have no biases is also a bias

Our studies confirm that over 99.5% (!) of individual investors have at least one of 19 investing biases. Even professionals are prone to some.

What distinguishes an intelligent, risk-aware investor is a readiness to...

...honestly acknowledge own biases, seek the knowledge required to overcome them, and then have the discipline to apply this knowledge

BehaviouRisk identifies and helps to overcome each of the 19 common investing biases


To make a valuable investment in yourself and become a more intelligent, risk-aware investor
Option 1Try BehaviouRisk, obtain a personalised report and take advantage of the powerful behavioural finance ideas immediatelyAt no cost
Option 2Have the Behavioural Finance for Risk-Aware Investors book emailed to you. This short book has already helped many individual investors worldwide, and 92% of the readers found it ‘very useful’.Again, at no cost
You are free to maintain your current investment approach and ignore the ideas of behavioural financeThe most significant risk is not knowing your risks!


What is the difference between standard risk profiling and behavioural investment profiling?
Which is more important – standard risk profiling or behavioural investment profiling?
I have never seen behavioural investment profiling before. My investment firm never offered it. Why?
I heard there were many different biases. Why does BehaviouRisk focus on only 19?
Is it bad or unusual to have cognitive or emotional biases? Do professionals have them?
Can I overcome cognitive and emotional biases? Is it difficult?